Waste Reduction

The mission of the town of East Longmeadow is to provide waste management services, protect the environment, and promote recycling in order to ensure a safe and healthy community for all generations.

Trash/Recycling Update for 1/17/18-

According to Republic: January 15 (Monday), January 16 (Tuesday), and January 16 (Wednesday) trash and recycling will be picked up on Wednesday January 16th. All trash and container recycling that was not picked up last week. Paper recycling will also be picked up. Republic is using 6 trucks over the next few days to get back on schedule.

January 18 (Thursday)- Regular pickup. All trash and paper recycling. Any container recycling not picked up last week.

January 19 (Friday)- Regular pickup. All trash and paper recycling. Any container recycling not picked up last week.

All trash will be picked up, in any bags. We will go back to green bags once Republic is back to regular schedule, and we will notify you on the town website.

 As always please continue to call the Health Department at 413-525-5400 x 1103 with questions and concerns.

We understand that this has been an inconvenience and appreciate your continued patience.

The DPW will be picking up Christmas trees from January 1 through January 31, 2018. Trees must be placed on the main corner of each main street. Please remove all decorations and DO NOT use  plastic bags. You can also bring trees to the transfer station on Saturdays from 9 am-5 pm free of charge.

Republic truck

Remember...Trash/Recycling Delay for Christmas holiday. When a collection falls on a holiday, that day's collection and all remaining collections for the week, will be delayed one day. Fridays collection will take place on Saturday. An extra bag of trash is allowed during the holiday week. There will be some trash delays due to the icy conditions however Republic is working to get all your trash picked up.



  • Recycle your binders-Bring your old binders to any Office Depot or Office Max participating location. A store representative will exchange your old binder for a $2 instant savings for a same day binder purchase.
  • Plastic Cards- Don't throw away your old gift cards, cut up credit cards etc. Mail them to:Earthworks C/o Halprin Industries, 25840 Miles Rd, Bedford, OH 44126
  • Recycle your Tyvek envelopes! Turn inside out and address to Tyvek Recycle, 8401 Ford Darling Rd, Richmond, VA 23237
  • Old Holiday String Lights- Recycle broken lights at Holidayleds Recycle Program , 118 Rosehill Dr, Suite 1, Jackson, MI 49202
  • Textile Mail In Program- Another way to recycle your old clothes, bedding, curtains, stuffed animals. DonateStuff.com
  • Battery/bulb collection- The Transfer station collects small batteries(hearing aid, rechargeable, mercury etc), thermostats, and florescent bulbs with a sticker. Give to attendant.
  • Weekly trash pick up First bag or barrel of trash at no charge (max. volume 35-gallon/max. weight 50 lbs.)
  • Excess trash disposed for $1.75/bag (33 gallon)
  • Official Green Town Trash Bags available at local stores such as Walgreens, Big Y, Rocky’s, AW Browns, CVS. 
  • Unlimited amount of recycling.
  • Do not put your recyclables in plastic bags, put them directly into container.

For Recycling or trash questions/information, contact the Health Dept at 413-525-5400 ext. 1103.

For Transfer Station Information, contact the DPW at 413-525-5400 ext. 1200

Check out our Facebook page and Twitter for current information and helpful tips. Also register so you get up to date important town information.

SMART 911- Register to get important town info

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