Snow Removal

Snow Removal Responsibilities

The East Longmeadow Department of Public Works has the responsibility of clearing municipal streets of snow and ice. Our goal is to provide you with the highest possible level of service. When snow begins to stick on the roads, salt crews are called out, but all roads cannot be treated at once. Untreated roads may be slippery and treacherous. If possible, stay off the roads during this period.

When Snow Removal Occurs

Plowing operations usually occur with the accumulation of two to three inches or more of snow, but this depends on the temperature and forecast as well. All of our snow removal is completed by staff of the Department of Public Works with no outside contractors utilized. During snowfalls when plows are used, the initial passes of the snowplow are to open the road for traffic flow. Expect to have the snow pushed back to the curb on a later pass of the plows.

To minimize the amount of snow that gets deposited in front of your driveway, stand facing your driveway from the street and shovel the snow to the left side of your driveway. This will not by any means eliminate snow from being deposited in your driveway, but it will reduce the amount that is deposited.

Personal Snow Removal Responsibilities

Property owners and businesses are reminded that snow and ice must be removed from any sidewalks abutting your property within twenty four hours of the end of the snowfall as per local ordinance and state law. Blowing or shoveling of snow into the street is also a violation of municipal ordinance and can cause accidents. Property owners assume a serious liability for such a practice.