Duties & Responsibilities

The Sewer Division of the East Longmeadow Department of Public Works is responsible for the safe and efficient transmission of the raw sewage from its underground pipe network to the treatment plant located at Springfield’s Bondi’s Island.

Sewage flows in the pipes either by gravity or through forced pressure created by a network of pump stations throughout town. The Sewer Division is responsible for the maintenance of more than 114 miles of pipe and the upkeep of seventeen pump stations.

While preventative maintenance is done on a regular basis, sewer main blockages may occur. If you suspect a sewer main back up or blocked sewer connection, please contact the D.P.W. during working hours at (413) 525-5400, ext. 1200 or, when our office is closed, contact the Police Department at (413) 525-5440. Personnel from the Sewer Division are on call 24 hours a day to assist you with your sewage problems.

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