Duties & Responsibilities

The Highway Division of the East Longmeadow Department of Public Works is responsible for ensuring the safety of motorists and pedestrians using public ways by maintaining more than 109 miles of town roads. Ice and snow removal is a winter priority for the entire Department of Public Works staff, providing access on town roads and parking lots for emergency vehicles in a timely fashion. Ice treatment is accomplished through application of sand, salt and “ice ban,” an environmentally friendly agricultural deicer.

The Highway Division is also responsible for upkeep of road signs and traffic signals, guardrails, painted lines and crosswalks, patching potholes, and other road maintenance functions. A large storm water collection system with more than 3,800 catch basins is annually cleaned out and serviced. Streets in town are swept at least once each year.

Knowlton Transfer Station

In addition to street and stormwater system upkeep, the Highway Division operates and manages the Knowlton Transfer Station located on Somers Road. For a $50 annual fee, residents are allowed to dispose of many items which are not picked up curbside, such as yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, and branches), bulk items including televisions and Freon-containing items, metal items, wood items, and much more.

Report a Problem

To report a malfunctioning street light, contact National Grid.