Transfer Station

The Town Of East Longmeadow offers access to our Transfer Station located at 170 Somers Road for items that do not belong at curbside. Please take note of items not accepted at the Transfer Station and see below for disposal. Mattresses are being recycled at the Transfer Station, container is to the right when entering.



The service of extra household waste disposal at the transfer station will end on October 10th. As always, green bags are available at the following locations: Big Y, CVS, Rockys, Stop and Shop.

All other Transfer Station services are currently open, please look out for any changes daily.

To obtain a sticker for access, please call the DPW at 413-525-5400 x 1200 

Transfer Station Rules and Regulations FY20-1
Transfer Station Rules and Regulations FY20-2

Small Batteries and Bulbs are accepted at the Somers Road Transfer Station, please give to the attendant. Because they contain mercury and other hazardous materials, please recycle!


light bulbslight ballastsbutton batteries

Items that are not accepted can be recycled within Western Massachusetts.

  • Vehicle Batteries- AAA Great Battery Roundup Program , Earth911 , repair shops.
  • Extra Trash- Purchase pay-as-you-throw bags at local retailers.
  • Extra Recyclables- Unlimited recycling for bottles/cans and paper/cardboard at curbside pickup.
  • Hazardous Waste- Call 525-5400 x1108. HHW can be brought to NEDT on 190 East Main St in Westfield all year round. Visit or look at our HHW webpage. 
  • Paint- Dry latex paint pickup with curbside trash. Oil based paints can be disposed at NEDT.
  • Food waste and vegetative material- Map of sites accepting food materials
  • Propane Tanks- Many retail dealers take back 5 pound steel tanks at no charge. 
  • Oil Tank recycling- Oil Tank Removal
  • Construction and Demolition Waste- Guide to C and D material recycling
  • Tires- Most tire stores will take back tires for free. Other resources- Tire Recycling Facilities
  • Stumps- Contact any local Tree Service company.
  • Used shingles- Call incorporated Industries Recycling Center- 860-242-0150- $15 per half yard, $30 per yard
  • Fire extinguishers- MA Fire Technologies- 49 Heywood Ave, W. Spfld  Call 800-244-6769 for more info.