Employee Benefits effective 07-01-2023

Rates and Payroll Deductions

  1. Saving For Retirement
  2. 457 Deferred Compensation
  3. 403(b) - School Employees Only

The Town provides all employees the opportunity to take advantage of payroll deductions to save pre-tax dollars for retirement income.  The maximum amount that can be contributed annually is $19,500 (plus an additional $6,500 if age 50+).  

  1. Additional Voluntary Benefits
  2. Accident, Critical Illness & Disability
  3. Massachusetts Teachers Association
  4. Vision Plan
  5. Whole Life Insurance

These programs are additional voluntary benefits to which our employees have access and the premiums can be paid via payroll deductions.  However, the Town makes no contribution to these policies and does not endorse any one of these programs.  Employees are encouraged to compare insurance plans offered by other companies to ensure they get the best coverage for their individual needs at the most competitive price.   For more information please contact the vendors directly as these programs are administered by them.