Project Overview

The MSBA invited the East Longmeadow School District to conduct a Feasibility Study for the East Longmeadow High School Project on June 23, 2021.

The Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) is a quasi-independent government authority created to reform the process of funding capital improvement projects in the Commonwealth's public schools. The MSBA strives to work with local communities to develop affordable, sustainable, and energy-efficient schools across Massachusetts.

 The Legislature created the MSBA in 2004 to replace the former school building assistance program administered by the Department of Education (now the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education). 

The MSBA, which has a dedicated revenue stream of one penny of the state's 6.25-percent sales tax, is collaborating with municipalities to equitably invest in finding the right-sized, most fiscally responsible, and educationally appropriate solutions to create safe, sound, and sustainable learning environments.

 Feasibility Study

 The Feasibility Study is the design's earliest and most critical part. This phase includes information gathering, investigation/assessment of current conditions, establishing goals/objectives, defining educational and community programming needs, and developing planning options.

Feasibility Study Goals:

  • Generate an initial space summary based on District’s educational program
  • Document existing conditions
  • Establish design parameters
  • Develop and evaluate preliminary and final alternatives
  • Define budget

Three options for the project will be considered per MSBA Guidelines:

  1. New construction
  2. Addition/renovation
  3. Renovation only

During this phase, the East Longmeadow’s Owner’s Project Manager will submit, on behalf of the East Longmeadow School District and our designer, a Preliminary Design Program (PDP) and a Preferred Schematic Report (PSR). Approval by the MSBA Board of Directors is required for the project to proceed into Schematic Design.


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·       MSBA building process

·       Phases of the MSBA building process

Schematic Design

The East Longmeadow HS Building Committee works with the Designer and the Owners Project Manager to develop a final design program and robust schematic design of sufficient detail to establish the proposed project's scope, budget, and schedule. Approval by the MSBA Board of Directors is required for all projects in order for the MSBA to enter into a Project Scope and Budget Agreement and a Project Funding Agreement with the District.


·       MSBA Schematic Design Phase

Funding the Project

Based upon the completed Feasibility Study and the steps outlined in Module 4 – Schematic Design, the District and MSBA staff establish and document the project scope, budget, schedule, and MSBA financial participation to forward to the MSBA Board of Directors for their approval. Approval by the MSBA Board of Directors establishes the MSBA’s participation in the proposed project.

Once board approval of a proposed project is received, the District must secure community authorization and financial support through a Town-wide vote. If local funding is approved, the MSBA and the District enter into a Project Funding Agreement, which also defines the project's scope, budget, and schedule.


Detailed Design

The East Longmeadow HS Building Committee, the Owner's Project Manager, and the Designer advance the design, generate construction documentation, procure bids and award a construction contract in accordance with the agreed-upon project scope, budget, and schedule as documented in the Project Funding Agreement, and the requirements contained in the MSBA's standard contracts for Owner's Project Management and Designer Services. The MSBA continues to monitor the project to ensure it remains on track and meets the expectation of both East Longmeadow and the MSBA as defined in the Project Funding Agreement.


·       MSBA Detailed Design Phase


The East Longmeadow High School Building Committee, the Owner's Project Manager, and the Designer collaborate with the MSBA to ensure that the building project stays on schedule and within the budget.