Community Development & Engagement

East Longmeadow Community Development and Engagement (ELCDE) is an initiative that aims to engage the community in the steering and implementation of the Master Plan. This initiative is overseen by the Planning and Community Development (PCD) Department in order to guide the conversation of desired community improvements. 

One of the main ways the PCD Department does this is with the bi-monthly ELCDE "Virtual Discussions" which includes infographics on the topic and a brief survey for community input on the topic. ELCDE surveys will cover specific topics that are relevant to specific implementation strategies outlined in the 2021 Master Plan, or a follow-up discussion of a previous ELCDE discussion. Once a ELCDE survey closes, the PCD Department will post the results on this webpage. 

  1. Current Discussion
  2. Previous Results

There is currently no ongoing ELCDE Discussion, please check back to this page regularly for more opportunities to participate in the implementation of our community's Master Plan.