What is a wetland?

The wetlands found in East Longmeadow are inland wetlands which are areas where water is at or just below the surface of the ground, such as marshes, wet meadows, bogs, and swamps.

Please note: wetlands can dry up during some parts of the year. Just because there is not currently water in the wetlands does not mean they are no longer protected under the Wetlands Protection Act

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1. What is a wetland?
2. What is the Rivers Protection Act?
3. Why are wetlands important?
4. How can I find out if I live near a wetland?
5. Where can I find wetlands rules and regulations?
6. What is a buffer zone?
7. What activities are prohibited in the buffer zone?
8. I live within the buffer zone and want to do some work to my property, how do I get permission?
9. What can I do on my property to help maintain the health of the wetlands?
10. Which areas of the town are under the jurisdiction of the Commission?