Why are wetlands important?

It is important to preserve wetlands because they can help clean drinking water supplies, prevent flooding and storm damage during storm events, and support a huge variety of wildlife. Since the colonization of MA half of the state’s wetlands have been destroyed making it even more important to protect the remaining wetlands.

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1. What is a wetland?
2. What is the Rivers Protection Act?
3. Why are wetlands important?
4. How can I find out if I live near a wetland?
5. Where can I find wetlands rules and regulations?
6. What is a buffer zone?
7. What activities are prohibited in the buffer zone?
8. I live within the buffer zone and want to do some work to my property, how do I get permission?
9. What can I do on my property to help maintain the health of the wetlands?
10. Which areas of the town are under the jurisdiction of the Commission?