What are the procedures for public hearings?

In accordance with MGL C.40A-11, notice of public hearings are published in the Reminder newspaper for two successive weeks, not less than fourteen days before the day of the hearing and sent to all abutters within three hundred feet of the property line of the petitioner by mail.  

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Public comments may be submitted in writing or given during the scheduled hearing. Since the Board often hears several projects in an evening, hearings last a specified period of time. At the end of this time, the hearing may be either closed or continued.

In the event of continuation, direction is given by the Board to the applicant on revisions to the plans or information that is needed, and continued hearings may be several weeks or months in the future depending on how long it takes the applicant to gather the required information and the Board's workload. If a hearing is continued or delayed, additional abutters notices will not be sent back out; please refer the Planning Board section of the Agenda Center for details on all scheduled hearings.

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