Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study is the design's earliest and most critical part. This phase includes information gathering, investigation/assessment of current conditions, establishing goals/objectives, defining educational and community programming needs, and developing planning options.

Feasibility Study Goals:

  • Generate an initial space summary based on District’s educational program
  • Document existing conditions
  • Establish design parameters
  • Develop and evaluate preliminary and final alternatives
  • Define budget

Three options for the project will be considered per MSBA Guidelines:

  1. New construction
  2. Addition/renovation
  3. Renovation only

During this phase, the East Longmeadow’s Owner’s Project Manager will submit, on behalf of the East Longmeadow School District and our designer, a Preliminary Design Program (PDP) and a Preferred Schematic Report (PSR). Approval by the MSBA Board of Directors is required for the project to proceed into Schematic Design.



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