Why does East Longmeadow need a new or renovated High School building?

The MSBA offered East Longmeadow HS a grant opportunity for the following reasons:

  • Most academic spaces are below MSBA guidelines.
  • Technology and Special education areas are under current MSBA guidelines by 50+%. This fact makes it very challenging to meet students' needs.
  • Undersized science labs are easily overcrowded, raising safety concerns.
  • The library is inconveniently located and antiquated, prohibiting it from serving as a 21st-century learning environment.
  • The electrical system is at capacity, disallowing for additional air conditioning and expansion of technology.
  • The transformer is overheating due to excessive electric loads for the ELHS building. Electrical wiring and equipment failures lead to power outages and are very disruptive for classes.
  • The current HVAC system was original to the building (1960). Mechanical issues are prevalent and often cause disruptions to the learning environment.
  • The roof is 29 years old and out of warranty. The membrane is deteriorating and pulling away from the metal edging in some areas, resulting in leaks and causing classrooms to be temporarily relocated.
  • Old asbestos tiling is becoming worn down, presenting a possible health hazard.

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