Services Available

Forms & Other Services

  • Adaptive Phone Equipment
    • Free of charge to people with disabilities
    • Completed application must be submitted to and be approved by Verizon
    • Approval by primary care physician is also required
  • Enhanced 911
    • Disability Indicator Information required to complete this form if you want the Police Department, Fire Department, or other emergency agency to know about your circumstances when you call 9-1-1
  • File of Life is a magnetized pouch which adheres to your refrigerator
    • The pouch contains a form with important information needed if an emergency occurs
  • Health Care Proxy is available for you to choose your health care agent and treatment
    • There are many choices in life support, it is important that your family know your wishes
  • Homestead Protection Forms are available for those 62 and older ($200,000 per person) and younger than 62 for $100,000 on the home
    • These protect you from losing your home due to a lawsuit
    • You must be the owner of the home to file a homestead for which there is a fee.