Zoning Board of Appeals

Zoning Board of Appeals Members
  • Mark Beglane, Chairman - 2023
  • Charles Gray, Vice Chair - 2023
  • Brian Hill, Clerk - 2022
  • Frances Dean - 2022
  • Daniel Plotkin - 2022
  • James Channing, 1 yr. Associate - 2022
  • Vacant, 1 yr. Associate - 2022

An Introduction to the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)

The Zoning Board of Appeals is a quasi-judicial body granted powers under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40A, Section 12. The function of the ZBA is to hear appeals of decisions rendered by the Building Commissioner, interpret unclear provisions in the zoning bylaw, and decide on applications by landowners to permit structures which vary from the zoning regulations.
The ZBA consists of five regular members and up to two associate members who are appointed by the Town Manager and approved by Town Council. Regular members serve three year terms; associate members may be appointed to terms at the discretion of the Town Manager. Associate members serve to complete the quorum needed to conduct hearing if a regular member is absent or has a conflict of interest with the matter being considered by the Board of Appeals.

What Matters are Considered by the Board of Appeals?
The Building Commissioner, as the Zoning Administrator for the Town, is charged with enforcing all zoning bylaws of East Longmeadow. In East Longmeadow, the Zoning Board of Appeals has the power to hear and decide a reversal of the decision made by the Zoning Administrator. The Zoning Board of Appeals has the power to hear and decide petitions for Variances.
Also, the East Longmeadow Board of Appeals reviews and approves Comprehensive Permits under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40B [Sections 20-23] for development of affordable housing proposals. Decisively, the Board of Appeals hears repetitive petition cases and appeals to Site Plan approval if parties of interest should be aggrieved by the findings of the Planning Board. All discussion of matters must be conducted in public under the Open Meeting Law.

 To submit a Variance Petition, submit an Appeal to a decision of the Building Commissioner, submit an appeal to Site Plan Approval by the Planning Board, or discuss a matter that could be considered a Repetitive Petition, or discuss a Comprehensive Permit under Chapter 40B, please contact the Department of Planning and Community Development by phone or email.