Town Council

town council

Town Council

The legislative body of the Town shall be a Town Council whose members shall be elected to meet, deliberate, act and vote in the exercise of the corporate business of the Town. Seven Council members shall be nominated and elected at large. The term of office for Councilors shall be 3 years each, beginning on July 1 following the election of the Councilor. Compensation for Town Council members shall be set in the annual Town Budget.
Town Charter

Town Council Rules

2021-2022 Town Council Meeting Dates 

2022 Liquor License Quota

East Longmeadow Signs Resolution in Support of the Holyoke Soldiers' Home

Application and Policy for Naming or Renaming
Town Parks and/or Facilities


Council President

Michael J. Kane
Term Expires: 2023
Address: 39 Prospect Hills Drive
Occupation: Business Owner / Pilot / Police Officer
Education: Business/Aviation/Law Enforcement
Brief Bio: Michael Kane owns and manages several businesses in Western MA and has an extensive background in managing budgets, hiring candidates and conducting background checks. He is a commercial pilot and is active in Law Enforcement.
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Council Vice President

Name:  Ralph Page
Term Expires: 2022
Address:  137 Pease Road
Occupation: Self-employed Landscape Contractor
Education: Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Brief Bio: I was born and raised in East Longmeadow, and have served on many boards over the years, and was a past Chairman of the Planning Board.  Also, past Chairman of the Community Preservation Committee, and past President of the East Longmeadow Small Business Association. 
 Don Anderson Name:  Donald Anderson
Term Expires: 2022
Address:  22 Skyline Drive
Occupation:  Attorney and Founder/Co-owner of Cruise Store Travel
Brief Bio:  Resident of East Longmeadow since 1987. Elected to the Planning Board in 1988 and served 5 terms until 2011. Anderson was elected to the first Town Council in 2016 and reelected in 2018.

Name: Kathleen G. Hill
Term Expires: 2022
Address: 222 Kibbe Road
Occupation: Retired
Education: C.A.G.S American International College, Educational Leadership and Administration
Brief Bio: Resident since 1984. Retired in 2013 from East Longmeadow Schools as Principal of Birchland Park Middle School. Experience includes public relations, budget management, hiring/supervision of personnel, facilities management, and grants management.
 IMG_SidStarksPhoto (2)  Name:  Sidney M. Starks
Term Expires: 2022
Address: 28 Elm Street
Occupation: Independent Financial Advisor
Brief Bio:   Elected to the Planning Board in 1989 and served for five years.  Currently serves on the Town Council Planning Matters Subcommittee and is a Public Relations chairman and committeeman for the Massachusetts GOP.  Member of the First Baptist Church in East Longmeadow.
 Connor OShea Name: Connor James O'Shea
Term Expires: 2024
Address: 20 Tanglewood Drive
Occupation: Software Developer
Education: BS Computer Information Systems from Westfield State University
Brief Bio: Lifelong resident of East Longmeadow and Eagle Scout. Served on a number of committees, such as chair of the Master Plan Committee. Strong problem solving and analytical skills gained from developing software for retail industry. Degree includes minor in business management, including accounting and financial management.
 Marilyn Richards Name: Marilyn M. Richards
Term Expires: 2023
Address: 342 Pinehurst Drive 
Occupation: Retired Pediatric Cardiology Nurse Clinician
Education: BS Nursing University of Evansville
Brief Bio: Town resident since 1976.  Municipal experience includes Council on Aging Board (8yr), Board of Selectman (9yr), Planning Board (11yr).  Formerly served on Zoning Bylaw Review Committee and the Town Council General Bylaw Committee.  Currently serves on Planning Matters Subcommittee. Within the Community, also serves on Brownstone Gardens Board of Directors.