To Create a Parent Account For PowerSchool

Creating a parent/guardian account. This needs to be done on a computer or browser from your phone. You cannot use the mobile APP until the account is created.

  1. Go to: and click Create Accountcreate parent account
  2. Once you click Create Account, you must provide your Parent Information. This must be done for each parent separately. We recommend using your email as your desired username.  create parent info
  3. Next, you need to link your students to your parent account. This is done by entering the student's name, access ID, and Access Password. Note: the access ID and password are ONLY used for linking to parent accounts, this is not your student's login information. link studentsStudent Name: This is for reference only and does not need to be anything specific
    Access ID: 6 Digit Number provided by the district
    Access Password: 6 Letters provided by the district
  4. Next, you need to confirm your PowerSchool Parent account. Within 10 minutes, you will receive a confirmation to the registered email, with a link you need to click on to complete the verification process. ps confirmation email
  5. You should now be able to log in to your PowerSchool Parent account. If you have any issues, please email the IT Helpdesk at