Completing PowerSchool Forms

PowerSchool forms can be completed on your phone or on a computer. Please note there are areas of the form that require scanned document uploads. Please follow these steps to complete the annual data collection forms:

  1. Click on the forms button.
forms link

2. All of the forms required to be completed will be under the enrollment tab.

powerschool forms list

3. A green checkmark will appear on the right-hand side once a form is submitted and completed. 

PS Form submitted
4. Form forms can be updated and resubmitted if you make a form submit button

5. The Nurses Emergency Information form is required for each student and includes a document upload at the end of the form.

nurse info form

6. The Permissions/Agreements form includes the 1:1 device agreement, optional repair program information, ELPS Device Use & Care agreement, Student Code of Conduct receipt acknowledgment, and Student Photo/Video release.

ps forms agreements

7. The Student Contacts & Custody form is where you will update your student's emergency contacts as well as which one of those contact should receive notifications & mailings. Your student's school office may require custody documentation. 

ps forms contacts

8. Once forms are submitted, they are approved by your student's school office. 

all submitted