Deed & Address Changes

Deed Changes / Owner of Record

New owners will be automatically updated upon receipt of a copy of the recorded deed from the Hampden County Registry of Deeds. The tax bill will carry the January 1 owner(s) name throughout the entire subsequent fiscal year. The former owners’ name will be replaced by the new owner(s) name once the fiscal year has run its cycle.

This often confuses new owners, but Chapter 59, Section 11, of the Massachusetts General Law reads: “Taxes on real estate shall be assessed, in the city / town where it lies, to the person who is the owner on January 1st…”

Change of Address

In the event your mailing address changes, the owner of record has the ability to submit in writing a Change of Address form to the Assessors' Office.This form can be droped off in the office, mailed or faxed.The assessing department will notify all other billing departments within the town hall of this change.

Please note all Motor Vehicle Excise address changes must be made to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

For more information contact the Assessors' Office at 413-525-5400 ext. 1600.