Important Dates to Remember

Important Dates for East Longmeadow Residents

July 1
  • New Fiscal year begins
  • Qualification Date for personal Exemptions
August 1
  • Deadline for Payment of first quarter tax bill without interest
  • Annual Boat Excise Form of List due
November 1
  • Deadline for Payment of second quarter tax bill without interest
  • Begin accepting Personal Exemption applications
December 1
  • Deadline for Chapter 61, 61A & 61B applications
December 31
  • Mailing of the third quarter tax bill which is the actual tax bill.This bill will show any new valuation and tax amount
January 1
  • Property Tax Assessment Date - This is the effective date (not for exemption purposes) for valuation and assessment for all property (except for any new construction) for the upcoming fiscal year
February 1
  • Deadline for Payment of third quarterly Tax Bill without Interest
  • Deadline for Property Tax Abatement
March 1
  • Personal Property Owners: Deadline to submit Form of List
  • Charitable Organization-Deadline to submit 3 ABC form
April 1
  • Deadline to submit personal exemption applications
May 1
  • Deadline for payment of fourth quarter tax bill without interest
June 30
  • Physical inventory of all parcels that have added new construction or improvements on a parcel between January 2 and June 30 to be assessed for the fiscal year beginning July 1.