Historical Museum House

E L Historical Museum

The small farmhouse which is currently serving the town as a historical museum was originally built in 1852 for the Crane family (where Rocky’s Hardware is currently located). Around 1860 the house was moved to 25 Maple Street near the Center.

John Peasley, a master stone cutter in the quarrying industry, resided there for many years. George Masury also lived in the house for more than thirty years. He gained fame as an eleven-year-old drummer boy during the Civil War. He was the town’s last remaining Civil War veteran when he passed away in the 1930’s. The town purchased the home in 1970 when the town’s Historical Commission was created.

In 2004 the home was moved to its current location on the historic Norcross property at 87 Maple Street, to accommodate a new shopping mall in Center Square.

Featured at the museum are East Longmeadow artifacts pertaining to the quarries, local Native Americans, period clothing, the railroad system and much more. Also, you can view an online tour of the museum filmed by ELCAT.

The Historical Museum House is currently open the third Saturday of each month, from September to June, and by appointment for tours. We also offer guided tours to some of our remaining brownstone quarries. Admission is free.