Cable Advisory


  • Angela Thorpe, Chair
  • Gerald Celetti
  • W. Lloyd Oakes
  • Don Maki, ELCAT Director
  • Greg Moyer, Interim Town Administrator


Appointed by Board of Selectmen, 5 Members

The Cable Advisory Committee is responsible for ascertaining community needs with respect to cable television service in East Longmeadow.

    Notices of Public Hearings

    The committee will hold another public hearing on Thursday, September 19, 2014, at 7:00 pm in the ELCAT Studio at the rear of the high school.

    Due to concerns and questions raised in our information sessions at the Senior Center, the committee also expects to schedule another public hearing to be held during the day, on or about September 19th at the Council on Aging building. The exact date and time will be advertised in advance.

    The full video of the hearing held on June 19th is available by following the link provided to ELCAT's YouTube channel below.

    Please check back frequently for updated information about our activities. We will be posting links and documents for the public to review as part of our responsibility to survey community needs.


      Hearing THumb_thumb.png
    ELCAT YouTube Channel link

    Cable Ascertainment Hearing, June 19, 2014