Appropriations Committee

  • Eric H. Madison, Chairman
  • James W. Broderick, Jr.
  • Rocco M. Carabetta, Jr.
  • Russell F. Denver
  • Salvatore J. Pizzanelli
  • James W. Walsh   
  • Dawn E. Wiezbicki-Starks   
  • Sara Menard, Ex-officio, Town Accountant
The Appropriations Committee consists of seven members appointed by the Town Moderator, plus the Town Accountant as an "ex officio" member. It is charged with the responsibility of submitting a budget each year to the Annual Town Meeting, which then gets discussed, debated, sometimes amended and then adopted.
In addition to the annual budget, the Committee considers and reports on any articles involving spending, appropriating, raising, transferring or borrowing money. The Committee also makes recommendations on the sale of any property owned by the Town. Prior to each Annual Town Meeting, the Committee holds a public hearing regarding the next fiscal year's proposed budget.